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Being raised on a four-generation ranch. Beef has always been a staple at the dinner table. Venturing from home, it became apparent the difference in homegrown beef compared with what the grocery store sold. When we were first married, we put half of a beef in our freezer, offering the other half to anyone interested. There was a demand for quality beef from a trusted source. People began asking if we were going to have more, and they referred family and friends. We have been selling beef directly to the consumer for a few years now. People wanted to feel confident they are eating a healthy beef product from cattle raised in their natural environment. We operate on the philosophy that nature has a balance and a rancher’s stewardship is to understand and nurture that balance. It takes rain and sun to grow grass; those two items come to cattle pastures like manna from Heaven. It is that simple. We try not to complicate raising cattle, and you will find that is how we sell beef. We will keep a commitment to the people who are purchasing our product that we will do our level best to provide a product you can feel good about feeding your family. If that product does not live up to your expectation, give us a call and a chance to make it right.