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Premium Dry Aged Beef

Custom cut from our pasture to your table

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Angus Based

Cattle born and raised in the USA with Angus based genetics hand selected with you and your family in mind.

Pasture Finished

What is pasture finished beef? Most beef is fattened in a commercial feed yard on corn, sugars and other high growth rations. Our beef cattle are fattened on lush organic pastures consisting of grasses, legumes and free choice supplements.

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How It Works

We do things a little different than commercial beef production.

When you order beef and make a deposit, we reserve an animal for you and gather information on how you would like it cut and wrapped to fit the needs of your family. Our cattle are fed primarily on pasture, so when pastures quit growing in the fall beef are fully fat and ready for harvest. Beginning in mid October we take 7-8 head per week to a USDA inspected butcher, where they cut and wrap your beef according to your instructions. Your beef is delivered a couple weeks later to a general meeting location. The week of your delivery is based on where you live. You will be notified of the location and time of pickup a couple weeks prior. Your total will be given a couple days before pickup; that is when the butcher gives us the weight on which your price is based.

From there you’ll hopefully have enough beef in your freezer to last you a full year. Order plenty- it’s so good you will eat a lot less chicken.

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There's a limited supply. Choose your quantity, make a deposit to reserve your order.

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Beef is custom cut to your order.

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Beef delivered to meeting points along I-15 October - December.

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Our commitment to you is that we will do our level best to provide a product you can feel good about feeding your family.

If that product does not live up to your expectation give us a call and a chance to make it right.

Quality Eating Experience

We want to be your go to protein. Our goal is to provide a connection to your food and family through a quality eating experience. Cedar and Sage Beef is a product that brings people together, whether a roast for Sunday dinner, burgers at the neighborhood BBQ or steaks for the birthday celebration. Know where your beef came from and bring friends and family together with Cedar and Sage beef.

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Cedar & Sage always delivers top-quality meat. It's a real treat.


This is the best quality beef I have ever tasted! The steaks are incredible and the ground beef has a really good flavor.


My family has absolutely loved the beef! I've ordered beef in the past from other companies, and this is by far the best tasting and best quality we have had. We will definitely be ordering again!


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